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David Samuel Williams

David Samuel Williams

PhD Student
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David Williams works as PhD student in the climate impacts and economics department of the Climate Service Center Germany. His PhD will be closely related to the IMPREX project and assesses the different challenges posed by the integration of knowledge for adaptation to climate change depending on socio-economic and cultural background, with particular reference to hydrological extreme events such as droughts and floods. Using socio-ecological systems analysis, he will focus on three case-study areas with diverging socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to assess the potential challenges and necessary considerations for local government to use and implement emerging knowledge. He is furthermore active in the project INNOVA.

Born and raised in Germany to British parents, David has the good fortune of being fluent in both English and German. After visiting school in Darmstadt, Hesse, he studied Geography (BSc) at the University of Salford, Manchester, before embarking on an MSc in Global Transformation and Environmental Change at the University of Hamburg. His Master’s thesis, written at GERICS, examined the role of governance in the vulnerability of informal settlements in South Africa toward climate-induced natural hazards.

David’s main interests are the societal effects of climate change. Particularly in developing nations, climate change is predicted to have a major influence on livelihoods, economies, migration and conflict. Finding new pathways in integrating knowledge from both the natural and social sciences may prove useful in decreasing the vulnerability of people to climate change.