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Markus Dressel

Markus Dressel

Phone: +49 (0) 40 226 338 403
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Markus Dressel is a researcher at the Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) and the Helmholtz Institute for Climate Service Science (HICSS). As part of the research project "Normativity, Objectivity and Quality Assurance of Transdisciplinary Processes" he studies the involvement of extra-scientific stakeholders in research processes. His focus is on the relationship between normative models of science and society on the one hand, and different roles of scientists and non-scientists in transdisciplinary research on the other. In the context of this project, he is also part of the Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change at Universität Hamburg.

Prior to his work at GERICS, Markus was involved in several research projects in Hamburg, Graz, Hannover and Berlin. Here, he studied ethical, political and methodological aspects of climate and sustainability science (e.g. uncertainty, policy advice, climate engineering). These questions also form the background of his philosophical dissertation on "Values and Value-Freedom in Policy-Relevant Science". In addition to his academic work, Markus was an author and project manager for several projects and has completed a traineeship in science communication.

Informationen zum Projekt „Normativity, Objectivity and Quality Assurance of Transdisciplinary Processes“ (NorQuATrans)