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Dr. Karsten Haustein

Karsten Haustein

Phone: +49 (0) 40 226 338 486
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Karsten joined the Climate Service Center in October 2020. He focuses on extreme weather event attribution and climate system dynamics in context of global climate change.

The ClimXtreme project aims at understanding the consequences of climate change for agriculture and forestry, with particular focus on the risks associated with increasing drought conditions during the warm season in Germany. In collaboration with numerous institutional partner, ClimXtreme is going to provide decision-makers, economic stakeholder and the wider society with crucial information about changing risks from extreme weather events based on solid scientific analysis.
Project ClimXtreme

Karsten is meteorologist by training and earned a PhD from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain). He continued to work on atmospheric aerosol modelling during his first postdoc position at the University of Oxford. After three years, he switched gears and joined the Environmental Change Institute (ECI, University of Oxford) as an attribution scientists. Under the lead of Friederike Otto, Karsten has developed the real-time capability of the existing extreme weather event attribution framework. After the successful operational implementation, he has contributed to several high-impact attribution studies with colleagues of the international World Weather Attribution team (WWA). One particularly influential study investigated the role of climate change on Hurricane Harvey.
Article "Attribution of extreme rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, August 2017"

Beyond the WWA efforts, Karsten has advanced our understanding of climate variability on decadal timescales. It could be shown that internal - stochastic - variations are mainly driven by external forcing factors rather than random ocean cycles. These results are highly relevant when it comes to better quantify the role of human-induced warming on the total observed warming since 1850. Estimating the anthropogenic warming fraction to date has been part of his work at the University of Oxford. The latest count of the so-called Global Warming Index can be found here:

Karsten is passionate about the communication and education of climate change and associated climate risks, on social media as well as in the public sphere. You can follow him on Twitter.
Karsten Haustein on Twitter

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