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Dr. Martin Scharffenberg

Martin Scharffenberg

Phone: +49 (0) 40 226 338 481
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Dr. Martin Scharffenberg has been a scientific officer for the German Committee Future Earth (DKN) since April 2021. The German Committee Future Earth acts as an independent, national research advisory board for funding agencies as well as a national and international platform for scientists working in interdisciplinary integrative sustainability research.

Martin holds a PhD in physical oceanography from the Universität Hamburg, has studied oceanography and meteorology at the Universität Kiel (GEOMAR), as well as at UC San Diego (SIO, USA), where he was involved in several interdisciplinary research cruises. He has worked in climate research at the MIT (EAPS, USA), as well as at the Universität Hamburg in international projects, studying ocean currents and sea level changes. Martin is also an experienced project coordinator and manager, most recently for the Center for Sustainable Research Data Management at the Universität Hamburg as part of the Hamburg Open Science Programme, as well as for the project Underway Data for the German Research Fleet Coordination Center at the Universität Hamburg.