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GERICS Adaptation toolkit for companies (Unternehmensbaukasten)

Climate change is increasingly challenging companies, both strategically and operationally: Heat waves and dry spells, extreme weather events such as storms, heavy rain, flooding and more frequent freeze-thaw cycles as well as insufficient water availability or sea level rise can have an impact on companies’ supply chains. For instance, raw material procurement, production, logistics, or company locations could be affected and regions of high demand could shift. Additionally, real estate valuations, insurance costs or interest costs could be influenced, which - in the medium-term - could lead to additional regulations. Besides raising awareness for the above mentioned risks, a proactive analysis of possible climate change impacts provides the opportunity to identify resulting economical chances timely and to integrate them effectively in the business model.
To prepare for the challenges and opportunities due to climate change in a timely and comprehensive manner, companies need to extend their planning processes by adopting additional boundary conditions that support them in filtering those impacts relevant to them and in carving out promising opportunities for the future.

Against this background, the GERICS Company toolkit has been developed. As a prototypical product it supports decision makers to identify, develop and implement suitable adaptation measures within their company. Set up in modular groups, the company toolkit covers the most relevant business areas.

Suitable modules are selected in close cooperation with company representatives, with the full flexibility to adjust the content for the individual situation or to tailor entirely new prototypical modules if required. The cooperation with companies is strictly results-driven and application-oriented, case specific and always performed in a scientific manner.

Cooperation with companies

GERICS develops scientifically substantiated prototypical products and services to support decision makers in business to adapt to climate change. The development and proof of applicability of our products are always realised in close collaboration with the user.

A cooperation with GERICS offers instant and tangible benefits:

  • Topical awareness and improved ability to communicate: A cooperation with GERICS includes an intensive in-house discussion about the impact of climate change. This strengthens the ability to communicate the topic to others.
  • Process optimisation and enhancement of internal networking GERICS’s approach to prototypical development perfectly connects and integrates the relevant departments and divisions. An enhanced internal exchange promotes the incorporation of the topic in the company.
  • Risk perception and mitigation A detailed and joint investigation of internal processes during the prototypical product development helps to identify strategic and operative gaps in the company and to initiate a structured approach to climate change adaptation.
  • Positive image As an internationally recognized and excellently interconnected scientific institution with a leading role in the research field of climate services, GERICS delivers scientifically sound support to adapt to climate change. A cooperation with GERICS benefits the company’s reputation.

As a fundamental principle GERICS develops all solution strategies based on the latest available, state-of-the-art scientific knowledge. The partnership-based concept for cooperating with companies ensures that products meet all requirements perfectly.

Corporate strategy and climate change

How does current information about climate change need to be prepared to not only sharpen a company’s view on the topic of long-term climate change adaptation, but to also ensure the integration into its strategic plan? As an answer to this question the foundation 2° initiated the project “Unternehmensstrategien im Klimawandel” in 2014/2015, which was realized together with the Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) and the consulting company CSR Management Services.
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Flyer: Unternehmen im Klimawandel (3,3 MB)

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